What’s Funny Honey?

The Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge – Fun

Petronas Towers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
When you travel the fundamental reason is to have fun. People say that they travel to experience the culture, learn new things, gain new experiences, see the world. These are all true but my main reason to travel is to let go and just.. Have.. Fun!

Wherever I have been I have connected with that place and they will all stay in my heart with their own memories. But if your not having fun then they can all be questioned – “what are you doing when your travelling? Are you not having fun?”

In some countries I had more fun messing around and living carefree than others where I was more worried about ticking off the bucket list, getting the best job, going to the best restaurants.

Appreciate. Live. Love. Have Fun.

Live the life you love and love the life you live. – Bob Marley


To those who don’t know me..

I’m not very good at names. Give me a face to the name and I’ll either know you or not. This is for anyone visiting who is a browser. That doesn’t know me. I will be refraining as much as I can from selfies and poses. That you can find on my Instagram.

I just find when I’m reading a blog I try to put my feet in the shoes of the person to be able to relate or understand why it was written. It’s nice to see who wrote that genius analogy or beautiful paragraph who made my heart melt.

So here’s my face.


It’s possible her energy could bring out the good in the devil