A time of joy, love and giving. Last year I was in Australia for Christmas, and even though I had an amazing time.. I missed home. 

So this year I was delighted to be spending it at home. With family and friends. And for me, this time, a boyfriend! It was the best Christmas I have had in a long while even if I couldn’t give as much as I would of liked too.

Christmas priority is food also. It’s a time to eat and be thankful for what you are able to have. Christmas dinner and all the trimmings. Pigs in blankets, stuffing, yorkshires, bread sauce- just yum!

Aunties trifle, mother-in-laws rum cake and how about a dollop of Christmas pudding ice cream! All of that mixed with drinks- prosecco, disaronno, baileys!!

Ready to pop!

I go into 2017 happy. Fulfilled and lucky to have had an amazing year. Travelling, the boy, friends continuing and some amazing memories both in Aus and the UK.

Here’s to 2017 🙃💛