Added extra-kind-of-happy.

It’s been a while, maybe I had a mental block or maybe life has just been too much of a dream lately..

I’ll take the second one. 

I haven’t been this happy in a long moment. I wouldn’t say a while as I have been but this is a different kind of happy. An added extra kind of happy.

My heart and my head agree again and it is as dreamy as it feels. 

Unconditional love and no worries is the best feeling in the world.

So I’m sorry if it’s been a few days or so, I’ve been happy loving and living.. 



To those who don’t know me..

I’m not very good at names. Give me a face to the name and I’ll either know you or not. This is for anyone visiting who is a browser. That doesn’t know me. I will be refraining as much as I can from selfies and poses. That you can find on my Instagram.

I just find when I’m reading a blog I try to put my feet in the shoes of the person to be able to relate or understand why it was written. It’s nice to see who wrote that genius analogy or beautiful paragraph who made my heart melt.

So here’s my face.


It’s possible her energy could bring out the good in the devil

Number 1.

My very first post!

My very first post! How exciting. This blog will be a random page of memories, thoughts, stories, poems and quotes. All of which that will be something that has touched my heart and soul.. good or bad, fulfilling or sad. My aim is to have you explore my thought train. Take away something from this.. or not. Maybe just to revisit would be rewarding.

Someone told me to “just keep writing”. Wether it be once, twice or a few times a day. Let your fingers do the talking, what ever comes to mind and don’t stop. If you think to much about what your going to write then wouldn’t it be staged? Not a real interpretation of yourself but somewhat theatrical? This isn’t a fairytale after all.

I’m a pretty ordinary person with a head full of imagination and wonder. Wanderlust, a passion of mine. Travel is important. To find yourself, to learn. Too see beyond. I will share my desire for travel as much as I can. So let’s begin..