Travel Journal

I left the UK in January 2015 full of ambition and determination to live free. I had been through my own troubles the previous few years and needed to start completely fresh. I had a taste of Thailand in 2013 and a day didn’t go by where I never thought about that paradise. So I saved my pennies, pretty much every last one and jumped on a plane without looking back.

I kept a journal for progression, mainly personal progression to see what type of person I would grow into. I still read through it to remind myself of this progression and to pause for a second. I went on a wild adventure, one that I would snap up again in a heartbeat.

If you follow these entries hopefully my transition of confidence will shine through. Maybe even take something from this. Whether it be educational about travel or writing. Or even just a good read.

I lived and traveled Thailand for just under 6 months then moved on to live in Australia for a year. I came home in May of this year and my story just keeps on progressing. This stage of my life is still blooming so we’ll leave that for another time.